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Green Homes Benefit the Homeowner and Environment

Green homes benefit both the homeowner and the environment. In the United States, buildings account for almost forty percent of all CO2 emissions – more than either the transportation or industrial sectors. Choosing to buy or build a green home is a decision that can pay off for years to come. The technology used in building green homes is effective in reducing energy consumption, which helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions.
In addition to helping reduce overall CO2 emissions, going green can also help homeowners improve their health, quality of life, and overall financial standing. Since the building materials used in green homes have little to no formaldehyde and the paints applied have low to zero volatile organic compounds, your home will actually help reduce the number of incidences of respiratory infections and relieve your immune system from any kind of environmental stress.
Green homes are also extremely energy efficiency, which can help homeowners save money in the long run. These environmentally friendly buildings qualify for grants, utility rebates, property tax incentives, and low interest loans that can all help to lower the overall building costs.
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Save Energy and Money With a Green Home

Many homeowners are taking advantage of the numerous financial benefits associated with living in an environmentally friendly home. Green homes benefit the homeowner in a number of different ways. Not only do green homes reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but they also provide a healthier environment to live in, while reducing energy consumption by a considerable rate.


The average household spends about 8-15% of its total budget on utility expenses. Green homes can help reduce utility expenses through the use of energy efficient lighting. Research has proven that lighting in green homes can cut energy consumption by up to 50%. These homes tend to incorporate natural lighting through skylights and well-designed windows, which allow homeowners to make use of the cheapest and cleanest source of light available – the sun.


These homes also offer energy efficient heating and cooling systems, home insulation, and windows to help homeowners cut down on their energy consumption and save money in the process. Green homes are constructed to provide homeowners with high levels of performance, comfort, and long-lasting energy savings, while promoting improved air quality and adding to your overall quality of life.